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How keeping your dryer vent cleaned can prevent water and mold damage

A properly cleaned and maintained dryer vent can prevent moisture damage and save you money on electricity. When a dryer vent is not properly installed or maintained however, vapor released into your walls can cause extensive water damage because it can, and will, travel in any direction.

Here are a few steps to insure your dryer is venting properly:

  • Check the vent on the outside of the house. Make sure that the vent flaps are opening and closing properly.
  • Gently clean away any debris that has accumulated. There are long brushes made specifically for cleaning dryer vents that will help with hard-to-reach obstructions.
  • Change the location of the vent, if needed. If your dryer is vented through an attic or into a garage, condensation can become a problem. Some areas have laws restricting this type of venting system as it increases chances of a fire, but in older homes, this can sometimes be harder to address. If your dryer is against an exterior-facing wall, we recommend re-venting it directly outside to make for a shorter path, which will limit condensation build up. If this isn’t an option, we recommend installing a vent booster, which helps propel the air and condensation away from your dryer, and limits build up. These devices can be purchased for under $200.

These are some basic steps that will help to insure your home stays safe, dry, and energy efficient.